2015 iEARN 巴西年会


                                                          Welcome to iEARN 2015 Conference and Youth Summit


                                                     Reframing ICT: Inclusion, Cross-Cultural communication and Transformation


The International Education and Resource Network is a non-profit that supports more than 40,000 teachers and 2 million youth in more than 130 contries to collaborate through online projects learning with the world, not just about it.



· To provide face-to-face networking between educators locally, regionally and globally

· To support e-learning and professional development

· To promote intercultural dialogue among classrooms worldwide

· To share models for how ICTs can be used to affect positive social, political and economic change

· To share successful classroom project examples that make a meaningful difference, and ideas/models of curriculum/classroom learning enhancement.




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All inclusive packages:


1. Conference registration, meals, farewell celebration and six-night accommodation at Conference Venue ESAF lodge, USE 660 or for Brazilian residents R$ 1.350,00. Limited Spaces.

2. Conference registration, meals and six-night accommodation at Aracoara Hotel, double room, and daily transportation to Conference Venue USD 900. Limited Spaces